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Things about me:

My favorite color is blue. I have two sisters and three brothers. I call my Grandma Nana, and my Grandpa Tata. I think of my self as the Hippy type. I'm sort of all about peace, but I find myself to be more rebellion type of a Hippy, and my clothes style is plane jane

I love to watch any kind of animated, action, syfy, adventure, romantic movies, I'm scared of horror movies. I love superheroes from both Marvel and DC comics, and love to watch any kinds of movies or TV shows about them. My favorite female/male villain from DC is Catwoman/Joker, my favorite female/male hero is Wonder Woman/Batman. My favorite female/male superhero is Elektra/Captain America.

I'm not really picky about food, but my favorite kind of pizza is Hawaiian. I love animals of all kind, but my favorite animal is any kind of wild cats. My favorite kind of music is oldies, and hip-hop.
I wrote this story a while back but I stopped because I had other things to do for my senior year of high school, bu now I'm doing it again and I'm trying to get the word out. So read and tell me what you think. I also have this on my fanfiction, just look up Jznna. So here you go

Peter Pan: The Untold Story
I do not own Peter Pan I wish I did

Summary: On Wendy's 15 birthday she finds out that her mother and father have agreed for her to be engaged to Edward Quiller Couch III when she turns 18. So when Peter Pan comes to her window and she agrees to go with him to Neverland she doesn't know what awaits for her there. What will happen when she accidentally goes into the forbidden part of Neverland. Read and find out what happens.

Wendy hurried to the window as she saw Peter's Shadow leave the room, went she got to the window she saw Peter getting ready to fly away.

"Peter. You won't forget about me, will you?" Wendy asked with the sound of hope in her voice.

"Me? forget? never" Peter replied back with a smile on his face. Which brought a smile to Wendy's face as tears began to form in her eyes. The smile then disappeared on his face as he looked at her and watched the smile fall from her face, he then waved goodbye to her, and turned around to fly off.

"Will you come back?" She called back to him.

"To hear stories.... about me" He said with a smile, and then began to fly off this time without being called back, and Wendy stood there watching him as he flew off into the night time sky for a while, before she ran back in to the nursery to be with her family.

But I was not to see Peter Pan again, but now I tell his story to my children, and they will tell it to there children and, so it will go on for all children must grow up, except one.

The story of Peter Pan is a well known tale, but many people don't know is that's not the true ending to the story. Yes Peter Pan did return to Neverland, but he came back to the window. Wendy didn't necessarily grow up, and have a child of her own, but one thing for sure is that she did not marry a man from England. You see I changed the story for a reason, and I can't fully explain the why I didn't, without telling you the full story. You would not understand how everything puts together, if you do not listen the whole story. I can not tell you how I know all of this, or who I am, but if you want to hear what really happened after that night them keep on reading on. Let me tell you a head of time, that this story will have mermaids, Indians, fairies, and pirates once again, but it will also have witches, unicorn, phoenixes, dragons, and centaurs. If you have any problems with any of them, you are free to turn back now, but once you start reading this you might never stop.

Well let me start from the beginning,

Heads up one of the character is supposed to be telling the story, if you want to try and figure it out, the be my guest, but if might take sometime.

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